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HSK Hotel is an application that creates a collaborative and user-friendly ecosystem between the Management and the Housekeepers.


Product Designer, full time


Hotel Schönsee


Aug 2020 – Sept 2020


Product Design

Why digitalizing?

In hotels, the coordination between reception, housekeeping, maintainance engineer and managers has always been a challenge. There was always needed to find the staff to ask them about which tasks/rooms are ready.

Why HSK Hotel?

The application creates a collaborative and user-friendly ecosystem between the Management and the Housekeepers. It helps the managers to keep track of each housekeeper's efficiency. With HSK Hotel, the supervisors can mark the rooms they've cleaned, report damages, send instant messages to hotel reception and keep track of inventory all from a tablet, rather than a clipboard. The reception can find which rooms area ready in real time, thing that make the process easier for staff helping customers that wish to check in early.

Our Research & Findings

Every hotel uses a big system that manages the information pertaining to room availability. This big system is used by multiple departments. Their jobs very often rely on general reports that exclude relevant information pertaining specifically to housekeeping tasks. In turn, housekeeping staff has to prepare additional manual reports to allocate work and to communicate relevant information about room status before they perform their duties and after. Many of them keep paper notes throughout the day about any issues or updates that need to be reported. That information then has to be entered into the general system so that other department can access it.

By isolating the work process for the housekeeping department, this application centralizes the information associated with the housekeeping work flow in one tool and provides a real-time updates that are easy to manage and review.

As it follow we've created a Persona that will represent the Housekeeping Supervisor and his/her service team.

Information Arhitecture

Based on our findings we started to build the app's information architecture taking consideration to all the aspects that is needed to be represented and their priority.

The Design

The value delivered

The mobile app increased accountability, helped managers plan and schedule tasks for housekeepers well in advance.
Reduced workload and work stress, thereby increasing the efficiency of the housekeeping staff.
Dashboard made managing time and task in real time easy.

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