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CoachMe is a mobile application that enables users to speak with specialized coaches anywhere and anytime.


UX/UI Designer, full time


Feb 2020 – July 2020


Design Concept

What is CoachMe?

CoachMe is a mobile application that enables users to speak with specialized coaches anywhere and anytime.

What makes CoachMe unique?

Throughout our researches we've discovered that the coaching relationship is a unique one that can open the eyes of a person to new possibilities and catapult her to greatness of her own making.

The problem

How do we integrate the right data information into the right context to inform and hence enable users to make better decisions and to increase their app usage satisfaction?

Our solution

We will give to the people a simple and intuitive way to connect with a coach in a specified field within seconds to solve their issues.


After conducting the interviews, I went through the responses and see where people aligned and/or provided unique insight to their feelings towards coaching, the use of apps and about their habits.

The interviews shaped my personas, Mathias and Joana. These two personas focused on two areas CoachMe could work in, an ideal user perspective (Mathias) and a business perspective (Joana).

Information Arhitecture

I sketched out the first screens of CoachMe. They were designed to be simple and easily navigable. The following sketches demonstrate how one screen flows to the next.

Then I took the paper sketches and polished them to a mid-fidelity level in Adobe XD. I began to envision the interactions each screen would have and chose to add in color and extra detail at this stage to save me time when it came to the fine tuning for the high-fidelity.

Based on the mid-fidelity prototype, I conducted an user testing process on a mobile phone to see how users would complete certain tasks once they were given some context. The goal was to identify pain points that could be improved in future iterations.

Affinity Map

After further user testing and data analysis the final form of CoachMe app took shape.

Style Guide


Adrian Morosanu
CareerFoundry UX Immersion Project

What went well?

This was the first time when I use Adobe XD. The fact that I have used this tool has helped me to save time and made the wireframing much easier.
SKILLS: Adobe XD, Marvel prototyping, Card sorting, Sitemap, User testing, Interviews
SKILLS GAP: Design trends, Visual Design
PROCESS: UCD, competitive analysis.

What didn't went well?

Spent too much time designing the dashboard and finding the most important information that needs to be displayed.
SKILLS: Visual Design, illustrations
SKILLS GAP: Specific design system guidelines, time management
PROCESS: User interface

What can be improved?

Mentorship program feature
SKILLS: Design Thinking
SKILLS GAP: UI knowledge
PROCESS: User testing


Building CoachMe app and working through each step of the Design Thinking process was extremely rewarding and gave me the chance to create an amazing experience for users to find their desired coaches & mentors.

I loved interviewing users and learning what story the data told, what issues users faced while navigating the app, and taking that information and turning it into a fully functional prototype.

Next Steps

Although this project concluded with a solid prototype, I would still like to continue testing and improving the design. The next step would be to hand-off red lines and the final prototype screens to developers.

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