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Burgerland is a mobile e-commerce app for food ordering services.


UX/UI Designer, full time




July 2020 – Aug 2020


Design Concept


My goal was to create a mobile e-commerce experience for users to browse the menu, find the burger they like, customize it, initiate a checkout, and complete a purchase.


The user journey is consistent by offering multiple choices based on the users needs and by a thoughtfully followed design process in order to achieve their app usage satisfaction and also, to increase their retention.

Design Funnel

It's simply a road map for our app design process that gives us a variety of solutions and paths forward. In the below image we have visually represented the complete process.


Before starting on the assignment the primary goals I designed for myself were:
➲ Having a clear way of locating specific burgers
➲ Having an efficient means of purchasing one or more burgers
➲ Having a flow of choice and customization of a burger
➲ Detailed product information to ensure proper selection
➲ Efficient checkout process to save users time and allow for easy purchase of burgers

Firstly, I decided to start understanding the mental models of a various food ordering apps which led me to gather a series of insights:
➲ I came to know their preferences
➲ I came to know what are the different categories, what products are currently trending, and which ones users frequently buy
➲ I came to know the color accents and the core information of a product
➲ I came to know their emotional behavior through the visual presentation

Now to gain some inspiration, as well the patterns and the flows for the e-commerce app, I started referring to some of famous e-commerce apps: BurgerKing, McDonalds, DoorDash, GrubHub, Uber Eats, Seamless, Postmates, goPuff,, Instacart, Munchery, Eat 24.

Why was this research necessary?
➲ To create a vision for our app
➲ It is mandatory
➲ To understand the flow, patterns, elements of a E-commerce app.
➲ To create a style guide

Information Arhitecture is, like a blueprint, a visual representation of the product's infrastructure, features, and hierarchy.

The Information Arhitecture helped me to understand the flow of an e-commerce app and to figure out what data to be shown at each step and what to prioritize for this assignment.

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